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Sonic Wafering?

Sonic wafering harnesses the power of sound to cut semiconductor substrates. This elegant alternative to sawing or back-grinding wastes no material, creates high quality surfaces and allows us to lift off a thin layer of crystalline material or device with micron scale precision.

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The vast majority of current technology mega-trends in energy, computing, communications, and electric mobility are all vitally dependent on improvements in advanced semiconductor manufacturing, specifically in advanced ‘3D’ chip packaging technologies and in the use of next-generation wafer materials, known as wide bandgap semiconductors. However, today’s device manufacturing methods are constrained by costly, wasteful and time-consuming processes for wafering and wafer back-thinning, such as wire sawing, mechanical grinding and polishing.

Technological revolutions across multiple industries are being held back by these shortcomings and cost problems. Crystal Sonic’s patented technology will enable the semiconductor industry to cost effectively create high performance devices from all crystalline materials.

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The team at Crystal Sonic are a passionate group of materials scientists, engineers and industry experts who believe that technological growth is the foundation of human welfare and happiness. We are looking for world-class mechanical and acoustical engineers to join our team.

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